Warfarin Wednesday

From Dead Cows to Saving Lives

Did you know that Warfarin is made from an organic chemical in wild clover called coumarin? It was discovered when cows who ate the clover died because it prevented their blood from clotting. After much research over many years, coumarin became the key ingredient in many products and medicines. To find out more, read the Story of Coumadin by Jeff Guillory, RN, MSN, DFNP.

Warfarin is NOT a Blood Thinner

Warfarin is NOT a Blood Thinner
Warfarin is NOT a Blood Thinner So, what is it?  It is an anticoagulant. Anti = Against. Coagulant = Blood clotting. Warfarin, and its respective brand names (Coumadin®, Jantoven®, etc.) slow down your body's ability to make blood clots.  Anticoagulants have no effect on the thickness or thinness of blood, or blood viscosity.  “Blood thinner” is a misnomer. Blood flow …
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Are You Tracking Your INR?

INR levels can be difficult to control, so tracking test results, dosage changes, and the date of your next test will help you stay on track.

Click HERE to download our free form to track your INR. Use it to identify trends and keep your INR in your target range.

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For the Best Book about Warfarin

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