Warfarin Wednesday
Hello everyone,
Yes, today is Sunday and, yes, this is the September 5 Edition of Warfarin Wednesday.
I'm sending it today because on Wednesday, the CoumadinCommandments website was in the midst of a security upgrade. This security prevents hackers from installing malicious files that infect downloadable files. The upgrade was successful so you can continue to safely surf and download files from the CoumadinCommandments website.

Get Informed Answers to your Questions

Get Informed Answers to your Questions
If you belong to social media groups related to your health condition, you may see postings by people asking questions that should be directed to their doctor.   Your doctor has the complete picture of your health care so you should seek answers there before making decisions based on input from people with very different conditions and experiences. When you visit your …
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5 Reasons Not to Go to the Doctor Alone

5 Reasons Not to Go to the Doctor Alone
If you want better results from your healthcare provider, don’t go it alone.  A study done at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that patients are more satisfied with their health care when they bring a companion along.  I know that was the case for me. Before my open-heart surgery, I had an appointment to meet my surgeon, …
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A Perfect Gift for a Someone You Love

The Ten Commandments of Coumadin® (Warfarin) was written by an ordinary person who has taken Warfarin for over 20 years. The book encapsulates important rules about taking this very powerful drug. It is in full color and easy to read, making it a perfect gift for people dealing with life-threatening conditions.

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