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Warfarin Weekend

Happy New Year! Are you starting to work on your New Year's goals? If they include physical activity, Covered in Bruises will give you some ideas for the best remedies when taking Warfarin.

Covered in Bruises

Bruises, bruises, and more bruises
Over the holidays, I did what no one should do…. Ever. I moved into a new house. I thought the holiday break would be the perfect opportunity to get family and friends to help me with the move. That misconception caused met to become covered in bruises. Everyone who could help was busy with holiday preparations. Their priorities were to …
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From Dead Cows to Dissolving Clots

Did you know that Warfarin is made from an organic chemical in wild clover called coumarin? It was discovered when cows who ate the clover died because it prevented their blood from clotting. After much research over many years, coumarin became the key ingredient in many products and medicines. To find out more, read the Story of Coumadin by Jeff Guillory, RN, MSN, DFNP.

Do You Track Your INR?

INR levels can be difficult to control, so keeping track of changes since your last test and tying them to your test results, will help you stay on track.

Click HERE to download free forms, including an INR tracking sheet.

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