Warfarin Weekend
Happy Holidays,
In this time of magic and wonder, just imagine if you could wave your magic wand and have perfect health, abundance, and happiness. In Imagine Perfect Health, I explain how you can.

You can also read about how to manage your symptoms in Winter Colds and Warfarin.

Thanks for reading, Bernadette

Imagine Your Perfect Health

Imagine Perfect Health
Imagine perfect health and it will become real.
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Keep Track of Important Information

Last week, I was talking with a woman who takes care of a person on Warfarin. As we talked, she exclaimed, "There is so much to keep track of.".

I pointed her to the CoumadinCommandments Downloads page and told her to use the free forms to organize important information for herself and the person she cares for. It even includes meal planning forms to ensure Vitamin K intake is balanced and consistent.

Download your FREE eBook with the forms you need to track important information.

Winter Colds and Warfarin

Winter Colds on Warfarin
Colds can come any time of the year, but when they come in the winter, they always seem worse. When you take Coumadin® (warfarin) and get a cold, your cold can seem much, much worse because you are very limited on what you can take to manage the symptoms. Most common remedies are off your list because most of them interfere with warfarin’s effectiveness.
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