Warfarin Weekend
Hello everyone,
With the holiday focus on food, we can lose focus on nutrition. In this issue, I share what I learned about omega fatty acids, a key ingredient of good health.

When holiday planning begins in my family, everyone gets so serious. Instead of getting offended when demands are made, take a different perspective. Laugh. Read how in this issue.

Thanks for reading, Bernadette

Should You Take Omega Supplements?

omega-3 fatty acids
If you want to improve your brain, as well as your cardiovascular function, experts agree that the most important ingredient you should add to your diet is Omega-3, an essential fatty acid. I have been taking a triple omega (3-6-9) supplement daily for many years so when I began writing this article, I thought I knew everything about its use …
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Why You Need to Laugh

Laughing and blowing bubbles
Is a roaring belly laugh part of your every day practice?  If you do, you burn about 40 calories each time.  Over the course of a year, that adds up to almost four pounds -- just for laughing! Laughter may not be your best medicine, but it is a prescription that you should add to your pill box.   If you …
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Keep Track of Important Information

Are all your important documents in order? Do your family and friends know who to contact in case of an emergency?

If not, visit the CoumadinCommandments Downloads page and download FREE list forms. They will let you, your family, your friends, and all your healthcare providers have important information about your health. There is even a meal planning form so you can ensure your Vitamin K intake is balanced and consistent.

Download your FREE eBook with the forms you need to track important information.

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