Warfarin Weekend
Hello everyone,
Welcome to this edition of Warfarin Weekend. I hope these articles help you to improve your life while you manage the condition that requires you to take Coumadin® (Warfarin).

I wrote the article about creating a Coumadin® habit because many people ask for ways to remember taking it and I have experience with hypnosis and coaching. I wrote the article about volunteering after realizing that I have been too focused on myself and my own issues. I am now planning to focus on other people on a volunteer vacation.

Both of these articles are posted on CoumadinCommandments.com. I hope you enjoy them.


Get past the past. Help someone else.

Volunteer to Improve your Life
Talking about our experiences helps us heal, but we can get stuck there.  Many people can’t let it go.  They repeat their story of pain and trauma to anyone who will listen.  After the body heals, retelling your story keeps you locked in the old memory of fear and pain.  If you keep repeating your story, it tells your unconscious …
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How to Create a Coumadin® Habit

Create a Coumadin® Habit
A question that often comes up in the Coumadin® and Warfarin groups is: “How can I remember to take my pill every day?”   Here are the ways I remember to take that tiny little pill every day, and you can, too. Tie Taking Warfarin to a Daily Routine. Think about a routine that you never miss, such as brushing your …
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A Perfect Gift for a Someone You Love

The Ten Commandments of Coumadin® (Warfarin) was written by an ordinary person who has taken Warfarin for over 20 years. The book encapsulates important rules about taking this very powerful drug. It is in full color and easy to read, making it a perfect gift for people dealing with life-threatening conditions.

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