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Please let me apologize. As a new, self-published author, I created Coumadincommandments.com for people who take Coumadin®, Jantovin®, and Warfarin in all its forms. I built the site, created the forms, crafted the emails, and then hooked them all together. I learned a lot but it took a few tries to get it right.

If you clicked a link and received an error or you tried to submit a form and it didn't work, please accept my apologies.
I hope you visit CoumadinCommandments.com again. If you bump into an error, and send me email describing the problem, I will send you a free gift. Use the icon below to send me email.

Warfarin and Alcohol = Bloody Mary

Warfarin and Alcohol = Bloody Mary
When you take Warfarin and you drink alcohol, “Bloody Mary” could take on a whole new meaning. With the lazy hazy days of summer, it is time to relax and socialize.  You may be invited to pool parties, take road trips to visit distant friends and family, or take the family on a holiday.  These breaks in routine can have …
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Summer Sports - Cover Your Head

While enjoying those outdoor activities, remember to take precautions and use protective gear, especially on your head. When you take Warfarin or any anticoagulant, any head injury should be considered life-threatening. When you are anticoagulated, you are more likely to experience brain bleeding.

For people who take Warfarin, the best protection from internal bleeding is to keep your INR within your therapeutic range. And, if you get hurt, get help, immediately.

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Ten Commandments of Coumadin

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