Warfarin Wednesday
Welcome to this edition of Warfarin Wednesday. It contains information that will help you can keep your blood within your target INR range.

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My Trip to the Dentist Turned into the Perfect Storm

My Trip to the Dentist Turned into the Perfect Storm
Don’t let this happen to you.  On my last trip to the dentist, I created a perfect storm that caused my INR to spike up to 7.9, then drop to 1.4 before going back into range. Talk to your doctor before you go to the dentist and check your INR after. My perfect storm resulted from: • Taking 2000 units …
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The Infamous Dentist's Chair

I couldn't resist sharing this Wikimedia image that was found on a wood engraving carved in 1893. It is proof positive that the dentist's chair is truly infamous. If you can't read the words from the original wood engraving, don't worry, you can view them below. (The image was cropped to zoom in.)
An anxious patient in a dentist's chair. Wood engraving afte
Weird machine of strange design,
I must yield to thine embrace;
Unto thee mist I resign
All my fortunes for a space.

Upwards, helplessly I glide,
Backwards now my head is reeling;
And I’m told to “open wide,”
While I’m gazing at the ceiling.

Frantically thine arms I seize,
Unknown horrors I await;
Thou art heedless of my squeeze,
Thou art careless of my fate.
More of this I can’t endure.
All my pain and anguish’s vanished
Thou hast worked a perfect cure,
Thanks to Thee, my toothache’s banished.

Stretch me rather on the rack.
Throw me in a lion’s lair;
Not again will I lie
In the gruesome Dentist’s Chair.
Reference: Wellcome Library, London, An anxious patient in a dentist's chair. Wood engraving after CTW, 1983. Wikimedia Commons CC BY 4.0.

Everything You Need to Know About Warfarin (but didn't ask!)

The Ten Commandments of Coumadin® (Warfarin) was written by an ordinary person who has taken Warfarin for over 20 years. The book encapsulates the most important things you need to know when taking this very powerful drug. It is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle. If you have Kindle unlimited, you can read it for free

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